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Éilis Ní Anluain

Éilis Ní Anluain was born in Dublin and lives in Bray, County Wicklow. She has had essays on a variety of subjects published in The Irish Times and Comhar. She edited Muiris Mhic Conghaíl's writings Aghaidheanna Fidil agus Púiciní (2009) as well as a collection of essays by her father, Eoghan Ó hAnluain, Creidim Fós agus Aistí Eile (2013). She is working on a collection of essays, and on her second novel which is to be published in 2014.
Her first novel Filleann Seoirse was published in 2011, and she is currently working on a new novel, and on a collection of essays.


Video of Éilis Ní Anluain on the subject of her novel Filleann Seoirse

Liz is twenty seven years old and has been quite successful in life. She has a good husband, a son and a daughter, and they live in a comfortable house by the river in a coastal town not far from the city. Yet, she is bored, or thinks she is. A sparingly written account of the two years spent by three young people together, from the arrival of the stranger to the parting of companions. In the words of the female narrator, 'Maurice was prudent. Add to that my romantic view, and George's tragic view, and you have three sides of our small triangle'.