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Colm Mac Confhaola

Rugadh Colm Mac Confhaola i Loch Garman in 1945. Chaith sé formhór a shaoil ina mhúinteoir agus is ag obair mar aistritheoir atá sé anois. Bhuaigh a úrscéal Ceol an Phíobaire an chéad duais san Oireachtas, mar a rinne a dhráma Faolchoin na Saoirse. Tá trí úrscéal eile leis foilsithe, Aoibhinn Beatha an Scoláire, Díoltas Millteach Scoir agus Cogadh ’gus Cathú.  

Colm Mac Confhaola was born in Wexford in 1945. After having spent most of his life teaching he now works as a translator. His novel Ceol an Phíobaire was awarded first prize in the Oireachtas, as did his play Faolchoin na Saoirse. He has published three other novels, Aoibhinn Beatha an Scoláire, Díoltas Millteach Scoir and Cogadh ’gus Cathú.

After losing two young sisters in a house fire, in an accident caused by drink and cigarettes, Rós and her family leave their home to live in a new council house. In the local community school she befriends Cormac, a middleclass boy who is trying to come to terms with his own problems; and encounters bullies who are every bit as bad as the bullies she has left behind in her school.