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Asterix agus an Corrán Óir

René Goscinny


Dalen: 48 pp; paperback; ISBN 978-1-906587-55-0

A comic graphic novel in the internationally renowned series Asterix. Disaster strikes Asterix’s village – the druid Ogamaix has broken his golden sickle, and without it he can’t brew the magic potion! Asterix and Obelix head off on a dangerous journey to far away Lutetia to buy a new sickle from Obelix’s distant cousin, Amerigix, who is the best sickle-smith in the whole of Gaul. But Amerigix has gone missing, and soon our heroes find themselves tangled up with the city’s criminal underworld. Will they manage to find Amerigix and return home with a new golden sickle for Ogamaix?