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An Ceithearnach Caolriabhach

Darach Ó Scolaí


56 pages; hardback;  ISBN 978-0-898332-14-2

“They saw a thin striped youngster enter, half his sword protruding behind his backside, the water squelching in his shoes, the tips of his ears sticking out of his old cloak....”

Thus begins the retelling of a tale written by an anonymous writer 500 years ago, humorously depicting the goings-on that drive chieftains, gallowglasses, harpists, and the nation's rogues to distraction.

'An Ceithearnach Caoilriabhach' was written by an anonymous writer circa 1500. In this retelling of the story — with pen, brush, and rabelasian roars of laughter — the writer ands artist commemorates an hilarious tour which began 500 years agi, much-loved by Gael since.

A fine retelling of the humorous old story, greatly enhanced by fine illustrations.

A modern Irish version of an old story, which succeeds in maintaining the vigour, poetry, humour and bawdiness of the original. The illustrations, by the author, underline the humour. The story will appeal to both young and old with a sufficient knowledge of Irish. —Booksunlimited