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Lá Mór Fada


14 pages, board, 16 x 16cm; ISBN: 9780898332667

A board book in the series 'Ag léamh le Caitlín agus Cormac' illutrated by Silvia Ortega: We are learning about the day. Caitlín and Cormac get up in the morning. They have a long day ahead of them, and lots to do!

Pictiúrleabhar cláir sa tsraith 'Ag léamh le Caitlín agus Cormac' maisithe ag Silvia Ortega: Táimid ag foghlaim faoin lá. Éiríonn caitlín agus Cormac ar maidin. Tá lá fada amach rompu, agus tá go leor le déanamh acu.

This book reinforces concepts of time and of daily routines, from breakfast in the morning to brushing teeth in the evening.

Information about the author: suíomh blog Joan Carles Girbés