An Claíomh Solais

Liam Mac Cóil


104 pages; paperback; ISBN 978-0-898332-02-8

“Then it happenerd. Tearing down the road like a streak of black lightening. As he and Reiner were giving voice heartily to the end of the victorious scene of the sword, he saw him come at him like some dark being from the kingdom of the sun…”

George Moore, Wagner and TG4

A novel set in the Meath Gaeltacht of Ráth Chairn na Mí in the months preceding the founding of Teilifís na Gaeilge. A young television producer returns to Ireland and settles in the Gaeltacht to take part in the cultural revolution that he is predicting.

Parallel to the main story the tale of the Irish nationalist George Moore is told, and his return to Ireland to take part in the Literary Revival — that and Wagner’s opera, Siegfried.

‘Leabhar an-chumasach, an-taithneamhach.’ — Iain Ó Caoimh, Comhar.

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