An Teach Órga i Samarkand

Hugo Pratt


An Teach Órga i Samarkand; 256 pages; paperback; 1 909907 43 0

A graphic novel in the Corto Maltese series by Hugo Pratt for adult and young adult readers.

1921: Corto Maltese leaves the island of Rhodes in search of Persian gold . He is on the trail of a treasure hidden by Alexander the Great more than 2,000 years ago. Crossing Turkey and Iran, Corto is called to the aid of his comrade, Rasputin. Rasputin is held in the brutal ‘Golden House of Samarkand’ prison (An Teach Órga i Samarkand!).

A Rogue with a Heart of Gold

As Turkish and Russian forces battle for control over Turkistan, we’re drawn into a world inhabited by soviets and nationalists, devil-worshipers and assassins, actors, soldiers, cowards, heroes and madmen, and an adventure where Corto meets his own double!

“Corto Maltese (whose name derives from the Andalusian Argot and means “quick hands”) is a laconic sea captain adventuring during the early 20th century (1900-1920s). A “rogue with a heart of gold”, he is tolerant and sympathetic to the underdog. Born in Valletta, he is the son of a British sailor from Cornwall and an Andalusian–Romani witch and prostitute known as “La Niña de Gibraltar”.

Corto — Supporter of the Oppressed

“As a boy growing up in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba, Maltese discovered that he had no fate line on his palm and therefore carved his own with his father’s razor, determining that his fate was his to choose. Although maintaining a neutral position, Corto instinctively supports the disadvantaged and oppressed.” — Wikipedia

This is the second book in the graphic novel series ‘Corto’. Translated by Darach Ó Scolaí into simple colloquial Irish,  An Teach Órga i Samarkand will be enjoyed by both young adult and adult readers. Port na Farraige Goirt and Corto sa tSibéir are also available from Leabhar Breac

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