Eachtra ar Oileán na Rún

Brian Ó Broin


Eachtra ar Oileán na Rún; 136 pp; paperback 978-1-909907-55-3

A quiet summer in Ireland? Not a hope! One of the country’s most precious treasures has been stolen from the National Museum and a chalice has gone missing from an archaeological dig at Lough Derg. Those two robberies are mysteriously connected to a house in Dublin, and only Mac Dara and Ána, two teenagers on a visit from New York, have made the connection.

Wild Girl, Smugglers and a Mysterious Old House

But is there someone on the archaeological team in cahoots with the robbers? And if so, who can the teenagers trust? And who is the wild young girl who is sneaking around at night? To add to all that, their parents have gone missing. Can Mac Dara and Ána escape the clutches of an international smuggling ring? Can they retrieve the stolen treasures? And will they ever see their parents again?

“Más duine tú a bhfuil fonn léitheoireachta ort, a bhfuil blaiseadh rúndiamhrachta ag teastáil i do shaol agus a dtaitníonn leabhair leat a fhágann meangadh gáire ar do bhéal, as go brách leat go hOileán na Rún.” — Aedín Ní Thiarnaigh, NÓS

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