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Corto i gCorn na hAfraice

Hugo Pratt


€25.00 (paperback), 4 books; 160 pages.

SPECIAL OFFER: All four books together: In Ainm Dé Uilethrócairigh; An Buille Scoir; Tóraíocht Eile; Na Liopard-Fhir ó Rufiji

The four books in this Corto mini-series are set in the Horn of Africa and in neighbourings lands, and it's here Corto meet the Danakil warrior Cuis — a man who drives Corto out of his mind at first, but who is valued for his fighting abilities. Of course, their friendship grows with the passing of time.
In these adventures set between 1916-1918 we meet the soldiers of Europe's great empires fighting it out in the desert conflicts of the Fiorst World War  — thje English 'King's African Rifles', the German army of Lettow Vorbeck, Sottish Highlanders — as well as African warriors.