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Port na Farraige Goirt

Hugo Pratt


256 pages; paperback; ISBN 0 898331 02 0

A graphic novel for adult and young adult readers: 1914, somewhere in the southwestern Pacific, Captain Rasputin’s sailing boat comes upon a man strapped to a raft adrift in the ocean: Corto Maltese. Corto and Rasputin are working for the Monk, the mysterious lord of the South Sea pirates — a man who carries a dark secret close to his heart. As England and Germany prepare for the Great War at sea, we’re drawn into an adventure and in a world inhabited by cannibals and battleships, heroes and traitors, friends and madmen, and by a beautiful young woman who would charm the most sea-hardened sailor on ‘The Banks of the Salt Seas’.

 This is the first book in the graphic novel series ‘Corto’. The second novel in the series, Corto: ‘An Teach Órga i Samarkand’ will be published on the 01 September 2014.

Físeán de La Ballade de la Mer Salée

Translated into simple colloquial Irish. Port na Farraige Goirt will be enjoyed by both young adult and adult readers.

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