Asterix na nGallach

René Goscinny


Dalen: 48 pp; paperback; ISBN 978-1-906587-44-4

A comic graphic novel in the internationally renowned series Asterix. Caius Buntús, centurion of the garrison of Iargúilium, is desperate to discover the secret that gives plucky warrior Asterix, and his fellow Gaulish villagers, their superhuman strength. Hapless legionary Caligula Minus is sent on a spying mission to the Gaulish village, where he’s given some of druid Ogamaix’ magic potion which gives the Gauls their amazing strength. The Romans decide to kidnap Ogamaix to get his secret, but the druid’s lips are sealed. When Asterix arrives to save him, the Gauls have an opportunity to teach the greedy Romans a timely lesson.