Ceiliúradh Mór Leabhar Breac: 25 Bliain i gCló
Réimse Mór Leabhar ar Lascaine


Micil and Nóra find themselves cut off at home by the rising seas. As the tide rises and the sea comes pouring in on the old couple, they find the time to debate the big questions: rising sea-levels and the receding Gaeltachts, cranky mná tí and gaeltacht colleges, Osama Bin Laden and the Ozone Layer, and, of course, LOVE. And then the man from the 'coláistí samhraidh' comes to rescuer them. Or does he?
When the Department's last inspector goes in search of th last two native Irish speakers questions are raised that come a bit too close to the bone. “Ó Scolaí is relentless in his outspoken observances and criticisms of language policies.... This is a satirical comedy about language, lies, bureaucracy, and Gaeltacht grants that cleverly uses language as the context of the dramatic conflict.” —Norma-Jean Kenny, The Galway Advertizer


Darach Ó Scolaí
Nóra lives in her own fantasy world, and her family is at pains to preserve the false world she has created for herself. But when the pretence is too successful, and Nóra tries to make herr family work even harder for her, the young woman, Caitlín, puts her foot down, and announces that things will change in this house. And begod they do!