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Intermediate Classes

Work Sheets

Exercises to download and print for use with intermediate classes:

Word games - pdf 22234671314

Match the words - pdf 1617

Read the story – pdf 101112

Write the story - pdf 18192021

Draw the picture - pdf 89232425

Reading Books

Books suitable as reading books for 3rd and 4th classes. All books are in A5 format, comprising of 5-10 lines of text with illustrations to assist the reader.

There's going to be a big wedding in Lios Lurgain! Luisne's brother, Lugh, is to marry his sweetheart, Eimhear. Luisne and Deirdre and all the young fairies have been invited to the wedding and they're all excited about the big day. But not everyone has received an invitation. One very nasty fairy isn't very happy because he hasn't been invited, and when he arrives at the wedding he isn't there to celebrate!

Luisne is a young fairy who lives in the fairy fort of Lios Lurgain in the World of the Sí. As she learns about the World of the Sí and the World of People, she has many adventures with her friends. Luisne is very inquisitive about the World of People or 'The World on Top. There are secret ways to go from the World of the Sí to the World on Top but this secret information isn't shared with the young fairies! But, cleverly, Luisne finds one of the secret ways and she secretly goes to the World on Top with her friend Deirdre. Although they see wonderful things, their pklans don't quite work out ... and the're soon in deep trouble!

Jim Hawkins comes upon a map of an island where a secret treasure is hidden. Along with the Doctor and Trelawney, Jim goes to sea in search of the treasure — but a mean bunch of pirates are already searching for the same treasure. In simple Irish, and with wonderful artwork, this powerful story is introduced to the young reader. This is a book that will awaken the childs’s imagination.

‘You should go off too far on your own,’ said the owl to him. ‘The night is no friend to children.’
‘I’m a warrior in the Liuttle Teepee tribe. I’m looking for a little bear who has got lost.’
‘He is in ,’ arsa an t-éan.
‘Go díreach! Ná cuirimis aon am amú. Seo linn,’ arsa Níotú.

As night falls, Níotú comes upon bear tracks in the snow. The little Indian brave is sure the bear is in danger and he follows him through the forest to help him.

Luisne is a young fairy who lives in the fairy fort of Lios Lurgain in the World of the Sí. As she learns about the World of the Sí and the World of People, she has many adventures with her friends. Luisne and Deirdre have been invited by their Aunt Gormlaith to spend Christmas in the 'World Above' amongst the People. 'Please don't use your Fairy Tricks here,' Gormalith warned them. 'We musn't attract attention to ourselves. But when the neighbour's girls begin to bully the two fairies, they find it very hard not to teach them a good lesson!

Níotú ran and jumped up on Pítsí’s back, and caught hold of his mane. The poney threw Níotú on his belly on the ground. ‘Ha! Ha! said Pacó. ‘It’s not easy to fly without wings!’
It’s time Níotú had his own horse, but it’s a lot more difficult to catch a wild horse and to train him than Níotú thinks!
Níotú is a Red Indian. He lives with his mother and father in a teepee. Around them live the Little Teepee Red Indian tribe. Every day along with his friends, Fataí and Navó, Níotú goes to play in the forest, learning about animals and about nature.

Jeaic has created a new chemical potion. It can make you invisible! Jeaic give Lúlú the potion and Lulu can slip into the house without being seen. But when poor Mamaí trips over Jeaic she thinks there is a ghost in the house. Poor Mamaí is frightened out of her wits.

One day, when Fionn was in Howth, a boat came ashore and a great big warrior jumped out. He said if there wasn't someone in Ireland who would outrun him in a race, he would tax the people of Ireland. At that, a great big clumsy-looking yellow churl appeared, and and he would race him...


6 Chlasaic

Clasaicí Beaga Bídeacha is a collection of six beautifully illustrated picture-books for young readers. The collection comprises of An Odaisé (The Odussey), Romeo agus Juliet, Frankenstein, Oileán an Órchiste (Treasure Island), Don Cíochótae (Don Quixote) agus Camchuairt Ghuilivéir (Gulliver’s Travels). In simple Irish, and with wonderful artwork, these powerful European classics are introduced to the young reader. These are all books that will awaken the child’s imagination.