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Sadb Nic Fhionnbhairr


€7.50 paperback), 40 pages; ISBN 978-0-898332-36-7

A picture-book for the 8+ age group, illustrated by Laura de Búrca.

The people of the house believe Puisín has a very boring existence. But, really, this fat old cat leads a separate life.... When the people leave the house every morning, Puisín goes hunting. He raids the kitchen, he attacks the goldfish, he challenges the neighbour's cat to a fight, before returning to his cosy place by the fire before the people come home.

This beautiful picture book is by Dubliner, Sadb Nic Fhionnbhairr, and illustrated by Dublin artist, Laura de Búrca. This is her second book for children. 'Cleití Órge' (Golden Feathers) was published (and also illustrated by Laura de Búrca), in 2004.