Darach Ó Scolaí


80 pages; paperback; ISBN 978-0-898332-31-5

Craos (Glutteny) is the third play in the trilogy Trí Bhraon (Three Drops) dealing with the ‘Great Lie’ in Gaeltacht and Irish language society. Like the other two plays in the series, ‘Coinneáil Orainn’ and ‘An Braon Aníos’s (also available as books from Leabhar Breac), Craos takes on this thorny subject with anarchic black humour. Unlike the other two plays in the trilogy, that are set in a more surreal setting, Craos approaches the kitchen drama in its country restaurant setting where the proprietor, Nóra, lives in her own fantasy world, and her family is at pains to preserve the false world she has created for herself. But when the pretence is too successful, and Nóra tries to make her family work even harder for her, the young woman, Caitlín, puts her foot down, and announces that things will change in this house. And begod they do!

In 2008, the Salamandar company toured the country with this play, reviewed in The Irish Times as “a humorous play which offers plenty to think about, fine acting, and sparklingly witty dialogue”.