Darach Ó Scolaí

Darach Ó Scolaí is a writer, playwright, and publisher. His novel An Cléireach (Leabhar Breac, 2007) won the Oireachtas Prize 2007 and Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin ‘Irish language Book of the Year’ 2008, and his edtion of Táin Bó Cuainge won the Aodán Mac Poilín Memorial Prize 2017 and Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin ‘Irish language Book of the Year 2018. He published two retellings of the tales An Ceithearnach Caolriabhach (2002) and Feis Tigh Chonáin (2000). For young readers he has written An Bradán Feasa, Dóiteoir na Samhna and Bodach an Chóta Lachna in the series ‘Fionn’.

The Salamandar drama production company produced his latest play, An tSeanbhróg in 2009, and he has toured the country with his plays Craos in 2008 and An Braon Aníos in 2007. Hi play Coinneáil Orainn (2006) won the Walter Macken Prize and a BBC Stewart Parker Award, and his plays Coinneáil Orainn and An Braon Aníos were adapted for the radio in 2009. As well as prose works and plays, he has written screenplays for the short films Cosa Nite (1998) and An Leabhar (2000), and fort the television series Na Cloigne (2010).

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