Diarmuid Johnson

Since the late 1980s, Diarmuid Johnson (Cardiff, 1965) has pursued a varied career as a writer, poet, musician, scholar, translator and journalist. His work has brought him to many countries, including Brittany, Germany, Poland and Wales, an oddysey well documented in Seacht dTír Seacht dTeanga (2021).

The Tara Trilogy

His best known works in Irish are a retelling of the origin tales of Ireland. These are Conaire Mór (2017), Tuatha Dé Danann (2018) and Éadaoin (2020), three short novels now known collectively as the Tara Trilogy.

His most recent work, Ceallach, deals with the contribution to the evangelisation of the European continent made by Irish monks in the late sixth and early seventh centuries.

Forthcoming volumes include Deoch an Tobair, an introduction to Irish-language prose AD 1100–1925, and An Cláirseoir, a novel that examines the historical conquest of the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169.

Portráid den údar | portrait of the author