Seacht dTír Seacht dTeanga

Diarmuid Johnson


Seacht dTír Seacht dTeanga, 320 lch, bog, 978-1-913814-10-6

From Inverness go Bucharest

A travel book, a language book, a song book, and a music book. A book about people and places from the author’s travels in Europe in the last forty years. — from Inverness to Bucharest, from Connemara to Warsaw.

The Roving Poet

Diarmuid Johnson was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1965. He was brought up in Ireland and received his education there through the medium of Irish. He holds B.A., M.A. and doctoral degrees in Celtic Studies. Since 1989, he has worked as a university lecturer and visiting professor in Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Germany and Poland. He has five years experience as journalistic and editor.

To the Hearth of Europe

Author and co-author of many books, he is also an accomplished musician, and his flute-playing features on various recordings. He has recently completed the Tara trilogy, three books ‘Conaire Mór’ (a novel based on the old Irish tale Togail Bruidne Da Derga), ‘Tuatha Dé danann (based on the pre-Gaelic invasions), and Éadaoin (the greatest Gaelic love story, creatively exploring old Irish literature] and the origin myths of Ireland.