Darach Ó Scolaí


Deirdre: 64 pp; hardbacka; ISBN 978-1-913814-30-4


The story of Deirdre and the sons of Uisneach is one of Ireland’s greatest tales. The oldest version is found in the 12th Century Book of the Dun Cow and many versions have been written in Ireland and Scotland since. This edition is based on the oldest version, and includes artwork by Cork-based Ukranian artist Anastasia Melnykova.

In Flight from the Vengeance of Conchúr

The Deirdre story is part of the Ulster cycle and is one of the Táin’s pre-tales. It tells of Deirdre’s escape with Naoise from the old king Conchúr, their flight to Scotland, and of Conchúr’s terrible vengeance.

As White as Snow, as Black as a Raven, and as Red as Blood

Even today, most Irish readers will be familiar with Deirdre’s depiction of her lover with ‘skin as white as snow, hair as black as a raven, and cheeks as red as blood’.