An Leathanach Bán

Pénélope Bagieu


An Leathanach Bán; 204 pp; paperback; 978-1-911363-19-4

“It will be alright … I have an address, and a ticket for the metro … and a map of Paris. Everything will be fine. It will all come back to me in a couple of minutes.”

A Young Woman Hunts for her Identity

On a park bench in Paris, a young woman is trying to come to her senses. She can’t remember her name, or even what brought her to this place. She has lost all her memory.

But what will she discover? A romanticized past made up of drama and romance? Or the banality of an ordinary existence? And if that is the case, will she be able to become someone new?

Humour and Compassion

In An Leathanach Bán (La Page Blanche), with humour and compassion, Pénélope Bagieu and Boulet tell this beautiful story about a hunt, a hunt for one’s identity.

Bagieu’s previous graphic novel, Corp an Duine Uasail was awarded the Prix des Cheminots SNCF at the Festival of Angoulême. Also available from Leabhar Breac: Corp an Duine Uasail, a graphic novel by Penélope Bagieu and Boulet.

“Tá miotal inti, ní haon ribín réidh í, tá acmhainn grinn aici … Thaitin sé go mór liom,” — Muiris Ó Raghallaigh, RTÉ

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