An Broc-Chú

Hervé Bourhis


An Broc-Chú; 96 pages; graphic novel, paperback: 978-1-911363-02-6

An Broc-Chú (Le Teckel, the dachshund) is a graphic novel by one of France’s foremost writers and illustrators, Hervé Bourhis, and translated by Darach Ó Scolaí.

The Death of Hundreds of Patients

“To sell this product to our partners in the medical industry, we are going to conbine experirnce and freshness.” That’s how Duprat Labatories introduce their new partnership strategy to Guy Farkas, known as ‘An Broc-Chú’ (Le Teckel, the dachshund), an ‘old-school’ pharmaseutical sales rep, and Jérémy Labionda, an over-qualified junior executive who has been order to keep a discrete eye on Farkas.

On top of that, the duo have to sell the new version of a drug that is reputed to have caused the death of hundreds of patients.

A French ‘Road Movie’ in Citroen CX Saloon

Sometimes cruel, sometimes sarcastic, but always very funny, An Broc-Chú is a satire on the greedy world we live in. It’s a thriller, a story anout friendship, an anti-capitalist rant, and a French ‘road movie’ in Citroen CX Saloon!

Hervé Bourhis was born in Touraine in France in the 70s. He is a graphic novelist and has written or illustrated over twenty books, or written and illustrated, on the themes of rock music, Vikings, bicycle taxis, and other fascinating things. He works as well in the press and in animation.

The second book in this series Ar Ais i mBun Gnóthaí is also available from Leabhar Breac.

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