Ar Ais i mBun Gnóthaí

Hervé Bourhis


Ar Ais i mBun Gnóthaí (An Broc-Chú 2): 96 pp; graphic novel, paperback; 978-1-911363-18-7

He’s Back in Business!

After spending a period on the run in Brasil, Guy Farkas ‘An Broc-Chú’ is back in Europe, and he’s back in business! He has a mission: He must find the CEO of the international pharmaceutical giant Duprat — a man who is also on the run — and hand him over to the police.

From a decadent soirée to a French prison cell

This ‘chase movie’ of a graphic novel takes us from an adult movie set to a dark and decadent S+M soirée in an isolated chateau and to a dank French prison cell.

Hervé Bourhis was born in Touraine in France in the 70s. He is a graphic novelist and has written or illustrated over twenty books, or written and illustrated, on the themes of rock music, Vikings, bicycle taxis, and other fascinating things. He works as well in the press and in animation.

Ar ais i mBun Gnóthaí (Le Teckel 2: Les affaires reprennent) was translated by Darach Ó Scolaí. The first graphic novel in this series, An Broc-Chú, is available from Leabhar Breac.

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