An Béirín Dána

Marc Cantin


48 lch; clúdach bog; ISBN 978 1 911363 14 9

An illustrated novel in the ‘Níotú’ series for the 7+ about a little red indian and his friends.

‘You should go off too far on your own,’ said the owl to him. ‘The night is no friend to children.’
‘I’m a warrior in the Liuttle Teepee tribe. I’m looking for a little bear who has got lost.’
‘He is in ,’ arsa an t-éan.
‘Go díreach! Ná cuirimis aon am amú. Seo linn,’ arsa Níotú.

As night falls, Níotú comes upon bear tracks in the snow. The little Indian brave is sure the bear is in danger and he follows him through the forest to help him.

Níotú is a Red Indian. He lives with his mother and father in a teepee. Around them live the Little Teepee Red Indian tribe. Every day along with his friends, Fataí and Navó, Níotú goes to play in the forest, learning about animals and about nature.

This is the sixth book in the Níotú collection.