Ar Cosa in Airde

Marc Cantin


48 pp; paperback; ISBN 978 1 911363 16 3

Níotú ran and jumped up on Pítsí’s back, and caught hold of his mane. The poney threw Níotú on his belly on the ground. ‘Ha! Ha! said Pacó. ‘It’s not easy to fly without wings!’

It’s time Níotú had his own horse, but it’s a lot more difficult to catch a wild horse and to train him than Níotú thinks!

Níotú is a Red Indian. He lives with his mother and father in a teepee. Around them live the Little Teepee Red Indian tribe. Every day along with his friends, Fataí and Navó, Níotú goes to play in the forest, learning about animals and about nature.

This is the fourth book in the Níotú collection.