Don Cíochótae

Miguel de Cervantes


24 pp, paperback, ISBN: 978-1-911363-04-0

In this beautiful picture-book in the ‘Clasaicí Beaga Bídeacha’ series, one of Europe’s great classics is retold in Irish

Don Quixote is an old man who lives in the past. He has read so many books about knights and chivalry that he thinks he is a knight himself.  Along with his servant Sancho Panza, he rides out in search of adventure. But most of these adventures take place in his imagination, and when they land him in trouble he depends on Sancho Panza to get him out.

In siimple Irish, and with wonderful artwork, this powerful story is introduced to the young reader. This is a book that will awaken the childs’s imagination.

Clasaicí Beaga Bídeacha is a scollection of six beautifully illustrated picture-books for young readers. The collection comprises of An Odaisé (The Odussey), Romeo agus Juliet, Frankenstein, Oileán an Órchiste (Treasure Island), Don Cíochótae (Don Quixote) agus Camchuairt Ghuilivéir (Gulliver’s Travels).

Miguel de Cervantes is recognised as the first novelist. He wrote Don Quixote four hundred years ago, and it is a classic since. Darach Ó Scolai translated this abridged version for children.