Madra Mor Crosta

Máire Ní Ghallchobhair


40 pages; paperback;  ISBN 978-0-898332-88-9

Jeaic has a pet dog. called Lúlú. Lúlú is always trying to get into the house, and Mamaí is always shooing him out again. If that isn’t bad enough, Jeaic is a bit of a scientist. He loves mixing chemicals and inventing machines. Poor Mamaí has her work cut out for her!

Lúlú is in trouble. There’s a great big cross rotvelller in the house next door, and Lúlú is scared stiff of him. But Jeaic thinks he can solve the problem. If he mixes the right chemicals he can make a special potion for Lulú – and make her grow enormously big!