Doras Fuinneog Scuab

Seán Mac Mathúna


126 pages; paperback; ISBN 978-1-909907-57-7

Doras is a boy. He meets a girl, Fuinneog. The two of them set off together, fleeing from the Orphanage, the Law, and the Guards. After a night in the dark and menacing streets of the city they head for the countryside, where they meet a dog, Scuab. Together, they embark on an odysey in search of what they haven’t got: a home

Another jewel from the pen of the master.

“The doyen of prose writers in Irish is Seán Mac Mathúna. His latest novella, Doras, Fuinneog, Scuab (Leabhar Breac, €9), relates the adventures of two recently homeless teenagers who stumble across each other in the backstreets of Dublin and form an alliance. Joined by a stray dog, they leave the city to elude the authorities, desperate to find somewhere they can feel safe. Mac Mathúna writes a captivating story in a style that readers of all ages will find both exciting and accessible.” — Cathal Poirtéir, The Irish Times.

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