In Ainm Dé Uilethrócairigh

Hugo Pratt


In Ainm Dé Uilethrócairigh: 40 pages; paperback;  978-1-909907-76-8 A graphic novel in the series ‘Corto Maltese’.

Evasion from an Desert Prison

1916, Corto aids the bedouin El Oxford rescue the young prince Saoud from a prison in the middle of the desert in Yemen, where he is held captive by his uncle Abdul and the Turkish garrison. They are assisted by Cuis, a young Danikil warrior from the Beni Amer tribe. Although Cuis’s ways begin to grate on Corto’s nerves his value is greatly appreciated when it comes to blows!

Rogue with a Heart of Gold!

“Corto Maltese (whose name derives from the Andalusian Argot and means “quick hands”) is a laconic sea captain adventuring during the early 20th century. A “rogue with a heart of gold”, he is tolerant and sympathetic to the underdog. Born in Valletta, he is the son of a British sailor from Cornwall and an Andalusian–Romani witch and prostitute known as “La Niña de Gibraltar”.

Supporter of the Oppressed

“As a boy growing up in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba, Corto discovered that he had no fate line on his palm and therefore carved his own with his father’s razor. determining that his fate was his to choose. Although maintaining a neutral position, Corto instinctively supports the disadvantaged and oppressed.” — Wikipedia In Ainm Dé Uilethrócairigh (In the Name of God the All-Merciful) is a short graphic novel in the series Corto Maltese. Read Corto Maltese in Wikipedia

Hugo Pratt, Úrscéalaí Graifice Extraordinaire