Proinsias Mac a'Bhaird


Flaitheas: 232 pp; paperback; 978-1-913814-34-2

Criomhthann is a young man destined for the life of a warrior king. Due to a family tragedy, he must go in search of a different kind of life — and he will not undertake that new journey easily.

Pagans and Christians at each other’s throats

We are immersed in the uncertain life of the sixth century, a time when great changes were coming to people’s lives; a time when ambitious kings were at each other’s throats; a time when the old world of paganism was yielding to Christianity.

A glimpse of Colmcille the person

Flaitheas is a story that gives us a glimpse of the human Colmcille, a person who had his own weaknesses and had many obstacles to overcome.

The story of each one of us

Flaitheas tells the story of a person who is trying to make sense of changes in his life, the story of a person struggling with fate, the story of a person who makes mistakes but tries his best to do the right thing for himself and for the people around him. The story of each of us.

“Bhraith mé go raibh mé sáite in aigne na gcarachtar agus a ndaonnacht ag lonrú trí shonraí an scéil.” — Róisín Ní Ghairbhí

“Duiníonn an t-údar an naomh seachas an duine a naomhú, agus tugann léargas fírinneach dúinn ar choimhlintí inmheánacha an duine sin.” — Micheál Mac Craith