An Vaimpír

Enric Lluch


An Vaimpír: 44 pp; paperback; ISBN 978-1-913814-18-2

A colorful picturebook from the series “Arrachtaí” aimed at young readers. Children will read it with enthusiasm and excitement!

This playfully spooky book invites the reader to laugh at the creepy subject. Suitable for reading aloud or for early readers. Beautifully (and creepily) illustrated, and full of scares and laughs!

Ladaslás the vampire is hungry. But his teeth are blunt, and he can’t bite anyone. It’s not easy being a vampire!

Enric Lluch has published over thirty books for small children and has won considerable acclaim for his work. Leabhar Breac has also published his titles in the “Cosa Beaga Bídeacha” collection.