Cloch na Gréine

Jacqueline de Brún


Cloch na Gréine: 96 pp; paperback; ISBN 978-1-913814-38-0

Baile an Chnoic is a strange kind of town, and like any strange town it has hidden secrets. In the town there is a stone with strange markings, and nobody ever seems to notice them, until something happens which forces people to wake up and pay attention.

Disturbing Events in Baile an Chnoic!

First of all, Micí Mac Suibhne’s house was set on fire, then a mysterious swarm of bees invaded the school. And then, after that, a mysterious stone was stolen — Cloch na Gréine!

Rogues, Fiends, and Nosey Children

The inhabitants of Baile an Chnoic are a strange bunch — they don’t like attention, they prefer children to be nice and polite, and they don’t like nosey children! Éimear and Seán are two nosey children, and before long they turn to detective work. In this story we’ll meet rogues, and some of the weirdest fiends you’ll ever see. And you’ll learn about a mysterious form of writing that is in use in this country for more than a thousand years. But the greatest mystery of all is Cloch na Gréine!

Jacqueline de Brún hails from Belfast. She has translated books into Irish, and this is her second novel for young readers. Cloch na Gréine is another wonderful book in the ‘Scoil an Chnoic’ collection, beautifully illustrated by Vince Reid.