An Mac Tíre a Bhí ina Shár-Laoch

Orianne Lallemand


32 pp; hard-cover; ISBN 978-1-911363-27-9

There once was a wolf who looked in the mirror one day and decided he would be a Super-Hero. “It will be great,” Mac Tíre said to himself, “I will have a fantastic costume, I’ll rescue everybody and they’ll all want to be my friend!”

A series of three picturebooks for 4-7 year olds. In these charming stories Mac Tíre the wolf has the same questions other children have—why is walking to tiresome? Why don’t I have a special friend? Why am I so scared? These beautiful picture books are easily handled by children and are ideal for reading aloud at home or at school.

This is one of a collection of six books.